WP PROFILE online WP PROFIL is the brand name introduced for limitless design scope and economically efficient potential uses in metal and steel processing.

WP PROFILE sections are longitudinally welded stop tubes from bright steel. The directly cold-moulded WP Profile sections feature high dimensional precision and stability and can be further processed very cost-efficiently. WP PROFILE sections are available without delay from the steel trade. The L, T and Z shapes with box dimensions of 34 via 40, 50 and 60 up to 80 mm can be combined together on a near systematic basis. Individual dimensions are also produced from stainless steel.

WP PROFILE sections have been used successfully for decades in:
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Railing construction
  • Machine construction
  • Door constructions
  • Gate constructions
  • Furniture industry
KP scharfkant online KP scharfkant – cold-rolled, sharp-edged, unique
The cold-rolled profile sections under the well-known brand name KP PROFILES, are highly regarded by industry and trade as a universal structural element.

The profile sections with L, U and Z shapes are rolled with especially sharp-edged inner and outer radii and produced true to size. KP scharfkant sections are produced according to EN 10162 on roller profiling machines in a continuous process. Proven starting materials used are hot-rolled strips, cold-formable steels and stainless steel. Over and above these the use of other materials can also be agreed. Size ranges vary from 10 to 140 mm.

Proven areas of application for KP PROFILES are:
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Materials-handling technology
  • Industrial facilities
  • Shopfitting
  • Machine construction
  • Furniture industry
WP Systems online Besides special profile sections and the WP and KP PROFILES inventory program, Husemann & Hücking also offers versatile system solutions for use in construction. From WP WASTO building protection system to functional gate systems to the TWOFRAME, a sophisticated door, window and facade system, for the high-class private and property sector.

WP 50 cold – is a system for simple, dimensionally stable and durable door structures with minimal visible widths. The system is based on proven WP PROFILES. It is suitable for indoor use, as it is a highly stable system with single and double door structures and fixed glazing with generously dimensioned elements.

WP WASTO – Effective protection of property against flooding and flood disasters has gained in significance over recent years. Reliable sealing off of building openings can protect against the damaging effects caused by the penetration of water and sludge.

Made of steel and passion
Husemann & Hücking is a specialist for open and welded special profile sections, reinforcing and stop profile sections and systems from steel profile sections. The one hundred years of experience, our commitment to the steel trade and metalworking craftsmen make Husemann & Hücking a reliable partner for all aspects of steel profile sections.

With our four production sites we manufacture and customise profile sections for a wide range of applications:
  • from steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • in wall thicknesses from 0,4 to 6,5 mm
  • in strip widths from 15 to 500 mm
  • in lenghts from 200 to 14000 mm

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